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- Otto Bielss, President

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Top Scores

The number of referral points received

Most Referrals

The number of referrals submitted

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The number of referral hires

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The number of unique jobs a user has submitted referrals to

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Welcome to the TMX Referral Portal! Good people know good people and sometimes, those people are in your network! Help us broaden our candidate pool by referring talent and sharing positions with your contacts.

Refer to the breakdown below to get a better understanding of how points are awarded.

Activity Points
You activated your account 15
You made a direct referral to a job 6
You had a visitor to your personal referral link 1
Your referral clicks apply on a job through your trackable link 3
Status update: Your referral is hired 75

IMPORTANT NOTE - For the Top-Scorers leaderboard, gamification points are limited to 100 points over a 7-day rolling window.

If you break this limit, your points will be capped at 100. Limit only applies to the following points:

- Account activated
- Direct referral
- Someone visited your personal link
- Candidate clicks apply on your trackable link

All other ways to generate points are uncapped.
All other leaderboards are uncapped

Your Performance Tab

This tab is specific to your account and performance in the Referral Portal.


Refer points: Total of points cumulated for your actions and status changes. This is limited to 100 points over a 7-day rolling window for actions.

Referrals: The number of referrals that you have submitted through the Referral portal.

Link Views: This number is a tally of the positions you have shared through the Referral Portal that someone has clicked on.

Jobs Referred: A tally of how many individuals have applied to positions you have shared, either through social media or to thier e-mail directly. This is associated with your Personal Referral Link.

Hired: The amount of individuals that you have referred in the Referral Portal that have been hired.

About Tab

To further understand Leaderboards and how points are calculated,refer to the "About" tab.

Leaderboards Tab

A cumulative board of the top ten referral leaders within the TMX Referral Portal.

Leaderboards Explained

All leaderboards will have the top 10 performers or performing Departments/Distrcts over the last 30 days, the last 90 days, or from all time. All time refers to when Leaderboards were originally activated in November, 2018. Leaderboards are arranged by Company (all of the company), Your Department (department or district) and Your Locations (state.)

(Toggle between the leaderboards you would like to see by clicking one one of these three options.)


Top Scorers: Sum of points accumulated for actions and status pages. Points are limited to 100 over a 7-day rolling window for actions. The maximum amount of points an employee can make in one month is 500.

Most Referrals: Count of direct referrals. (6 points)

Most Referrals Hired: Top employees with number of employees that resulted in a hire. Note that to get these points, the candidates must have been hired to the position they have been referred to or applied to using the RolePoint platform. (75 points)

Biggest Sharers: Count of all candidate views on employee trackable social share link. (1 point)

Referred Most Jobs: Count of all unique jobs referred to. The triggers are:
1. A job specific referral is made - application not required. (3 points)
2. An application click is made via a social share link. Your potential candidate clicked on your post and applied to the job. (3 points)

Leading Departments: A sum of the scores from each individual within the department/district. Not available for "Your Department"

Welcome to the TMX Referral Portal

This page has moved. If you are a current TMX Finance employee looking to submit a referral, please visit our new site here. If you are not a current employee, please navigate to our career site.